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Bible Verse: "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand." John 10:27-28

Dear Friend,
Did you ever start for home from across town and suddenly find that you were on an familiar street? You began to wonder if you were going in the right direction, and a scary feeling made your heart beat faster. Then you came to a building that you recognized and your fear was gone. Why was your fear gone? It was gone because you knew for sure that you were on the right street and that you would soon be home. Let me ask you a question. Do you know for sure that you belong to the Lord Jesus and that some day you will go to live with Him in Heaven? In Children’s Bible Studies Course 1, you learned how the Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross. Perhaps while you were doing the lessons, you prayed and asked Jesus to be your Saviour. But now, time has gone by and you sometimes wonder if you really do belong to Jesus. Perhaps at night before you go to sleep you think, If I died now, would I go to Heaven?

In this lesson we are going to tell you three ways by which you can know for sure that you belong to the Lord Jesus.

First, let us look in the Bible and see what Jesus says. In John 10:27-28, He says, "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand." Boys and girls, in these wonderful verses, Jesus tells us that He knows all those who belong to Him. He calls us His sheep and He says that He gives us eternal life. This means that we will live with Him in Heaven forever and ever! The Lord Jesus does not want you to be troubled or afraid. Instead, He wants you to receive Him as your Saviour and then BELIEVE Him when He tells you that you have everlasting life. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He cannot lie. Once you have taken Him as your Saviour, He wants you to KNOW that you belong to Him forever. That is why He has left us these beautiful words in 1 John 5:13: "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that you may KNOW that you have eternal life."

The Second way we can know that we belong to the Lord Jesus is that, the moment we take Jesus as our Saviour, God's Holy Spirit comes to live in us. Every child of God has the Holy Spirit living in him. The Bible says, "The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God." Romans 8:16. This means that the Holy Spirit helps us to know deep in our heart that we are God's child. The Holy Spirit helps us to know that we are God's child. The Holy Spirit hates sin and He teaches us to hate sin too. The Holy Spirit also puts in our hearts the desire to read the Bible. And, as we read the Bible, the Holy Spirit teaches us to love the Lord Jesus and to try to please Him.

The Third way we can know for sure that we are saved is that there will be a difference in the way we act. Before we were saved, we said bad things and did bad things and it didn't bother us. When we were saved, the Lord Jesus came to live in our heart. When Jesus lives in our heart, we do not want to act mean and unkind. Instead, we want to obey the Lord Jesus and do what is right. The Bible says, "And hereby we do know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments." 1 John 2:3. "Does this mean that we will never do anything wrong again?" No, it doesn't mean this. We still have our old sinful nature inside of us, and it still tries to get us to do wrong. But when we sin, we will not enjoy it because we will know that we are hurting the heart of our dear Saviour who loves us so much. "What should I do when I know that I have sinned?" If you have done something wrong to someone, ask them to forgive you. You should tell the Lord Jesus about it and ask Him to forgive you. If you have done something wrong to someone, you need to ask them to forgive you also. Remember that the Lord Jesus lives in you, and He has promised that He will never leave you. Ask Him to help you do what is right each day. He will make you a better boy or girl. I hope that you have studied this lesson carefully, and that now you KNOW for sure that you belong to the Lord Jesus.

"My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand." John 10:27-28.


Ron Copeland heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the school bell ring. Now he could find Chuck Carson and tell him all about yesterday. Pushing his way through the noisy crowd of school kids, Ron caught Chuck's arm and said, "Listen, Chuck, I've got something exciting to tell you. Come over to my house, will you?" "Okay," Chuck agreed. "Let's go." In the back yard of Ron's home, Chuck rolled over on the grass and grinned up at his friend. "Now," he said. "What's so exciting, anyway?" Ron's blue eyes were serious as he looked at Chuck. "Remember, Chuck, how often we've wondered about death and what really happens to a dead person? And we wondered why the preacher in our church never speaks about it?" "Yes," Chuck said. the grin fading from his round, freckled face. "Guess it's just that nobody knows." "I know now," Ron declared. "And it's great, really great! Listen, on Saturday I went to stay with my cousin Ken who lives way out on the edge of town. He took me to Sunday School with him yesterday. The teacher of our class showed us from the Bible that we are all sinners and that the punishment for sin is death." "Aw. everybody knows we all have to die sometime," Chuck scoffed. "So what's new about that?" "Well, the teacher told us there are two kinds of death," Ron went on. "The death of our body is one kind. Then there is eternal death which means being separated from God and lost forever in hell. But Jesus died to take the punishment for our sins. And if we tell Him we are sorry for our sins and ask Him to come into our heart and be our Saviour, He will do it. Then when our body dies, Jesus will take us to live with Him in Heaven forever." "So?" Chuck's voice wasn't encouraging. "So, I...I...stayed and talked to the teacher after the class was out," Ron said. "And I asked Jesus to forgive me and be my Saviour and He did, Chuck. I know He did 'cause the teacher showed me from the Bible where Jesus said, 'I give unto them eternal life and they shall never perish.' And another place where Jesus said, '...him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.' I want you to have Jesus as your Saviour too, Chuck. I know you will be glad just like I am." No, Ron...I'll wait and see if it does you any good before I try it." Chuck jerked himself to a sitting position. He was frowning. "No, Ron," he said. "My sister Lois came home from a camp one time and said she was saved. She acted real nice for awhile. But it didn't last. She acts worse than ever now. So guess I'll wait and see if it does you any good before I try it." Deep disappointment swept over Ron as he watched Chuck take a flying leap over the back fence and head for home. He had failed. But he wouldn't give up. He would prove to Chuck that being saved really does make a difference in a person's life.

The following days were not easy for Ron. The other kids soon noticed that he had stopped swearing and saying unkind things about the teachers. And when Ron refused to help them sneak candy bars from old Ben at the corner store, they began to call him "Preacher Boy." Chuck didn't say much but he seemed to be watching Ron all the time. Worst of all, Chuck began hanging around with Ned Simons, the meanest boy in the class. By Friday afternoon, Ron felt far from cheerful as he started out on his paper route in a steady drizzle of rain. Even though his papers were wrapped in plastic, he took special care to put them on the porch out of the rain at each house. At last he was finished and as he turned into his own street he saw a boy, with a raincoat draped over his head, dash out of the Bennett's yard and race down the street. Ron's forehead wrinkled in a puzzled frown as he saw the boy turn into Chuck's yard. "That must be Chuck," Ron muttered to himself. "I wonder what he was doing in the Bennett's yard. He knows they are on my route and I always leave their paper first because they are so fussy about having a clean one."

Suddenly a thought struck Ron and he ran down the street and up to the Bennett's porch. The neat paper he had left there was gone. In its place was a torn, muddy paper that had been hastily stuck into a plastic bag. Without stopping to think, Ron tore down the street to Chuck's house. Chuck was just starting go shut the garage door when Ron grabbed him. "You mean worm," Ron shouted furiously. "Where is the Bennett's clean paper?" "Leave me alone!" Chuck yelled, trying to free himself. "I didn't take it." "Oh, yes, you did," Ron said, giving him a shake. I'll -- I'll --" "Here's your paper, Ron." Ron whirled to see Ned step out of the garage and hand him the paper. "I told Chuck I could prove to him that your religion wouldn't last. And I did too, didn't I, Chuck?" Ned said. His grin was full of triumph. "You sure did," Chuck answered. Then he looked at Ron's angry face. "You get just as mad as you always did when a fellow plays a joke on you." The scorn in Chuck's voice made Ron's face burn. "A joke?" Ron said miserably. "You both know how the Bennett’s are about their paper. That was no joke." Ron felt sick inside as he turned his back on the boys and walked away. As Ron left the clean paper at the Bennett’s, his Aunt Amy called from her home across the street. "Ron, come on over. Beth wants to see you." Ron groaned inwardly as he walked across the street. He felt too hurt and unhappy to talk to anyone, but he couldn't refuse Beth anything. Perhaps it was because she had been crippled by polio and was so small and thin. Ron and Beth hadn't really known each other until a few days ago when Beth's family had moved to the house just across the street. The first time he had visited them, Ron had learned that and her parents were fine Christians. "Hi, Ron," Beth said as he walked into the living room where she lay on the couch. A faint flush of excitement brought colour to her pale cheeks as she rushed on. "I saw that mean boy change the papers. I was just going to wave to you when you took off after him. What happened?" Ron was glad his aunt had returned to the kitchen. He slumped down in his chair and heaved a sigh. "I lost my temper, Beth. I yelled at him and shook him and--well, I guess Chuck was right. Being saved didn't last after all!" "Oh, Ron, of course it does," Beth's voice was earnest as she continued. "Daddy told me that being saved doesn't mean we won't ever sin again, because we still have our old sinful self in us. But he said we don't have to sin if we remember to ask Jesus to help us. But if we forget and do wrong, Jesus will forgive us as soon as we tell Him we are sorry. You are sorry about losing your temper, aren't you?" "I sure am," Ron said. "And thanks a lot for telling me all that, Beth. It must be great to have Christian parents to explain things to you." Beth brushed back her brown hair from her face and smiled at Ron. "Yes, it is great. And Ron, I'm going to pray for that black-haired boy every day and ask Jesus to save him." Ron stared at her. "Black-haired? But it was Chuck who took the paper and he has blonde hair." "No," Beth insisted. "When the boy was changing the papers his raincoat fell off and I saw his black hair." Ron felt bewildered. He said goodbye to Beth and went home and up to his room. So Chuck hadn't done it after all. He remembered now that Chuck didn't have a raincoat on. Of course, Chuck had helped, but it was Ned's idea, and Ned had changed the papers. Suddenly Ron dropped on his knees beside his bed. "Dear Lord Jesus," he prayed. "I'm so sorry I lost my temper, but I thank You so much that I still belong to You. Please help me to show Chuck, and Ned, too, that belonging to You does make a difference in my life. And please, please help them to be saved too.”

What will happen when Ron goes to apologize to Chuck and Ned? What is Ron's secret word? Find out in the next chapter that will come with your next lesson.

MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT OF LESSON AND TEST FOR - LESSON 1 – (Click on the "Microsoft Word" word in blue to choose this option)


Fill in the missing words in the box provided.

1. Jesus Christ is the ...................... of ...................... and He cannot ....................... Once you have taken Him as your Saviour, He wants you to ...................... that you belong to Him forever.

2. "These things have I written unto you that ...................... on the name of the ...................... of ...................... that you may ...................... you have eternal life.” 1 John 5:13.

3. Every child of God has the ...................... - ...................... living in him. The Holy Spirit helps us to know deep in our heart that we are ...................... .......................

4. The Holy Spirit teaches us to hate ....................... He makes us want to read the ...................... of ....................... He teaches us to love the ...................... .......................

5. When Jesus lives in our heart, we don't want to act ...................... and ....................... Instead, we want to ...................... the Lord Jesus and do that which is .......................

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